12 Jan 2013

What is this site about?

This is my personal blog about spreadsheets. 


What can you learn?

  • Learn Excel’s features and functions
  • Learn how to solve complex data puzzles
  • How to think Excel! You’ll learn how to think of solutions after seeing the data and the requirements.


Free templates?

Yes, I will be creating a lot of free templates.  Feel free to request a template.  Please keep in mind that:

  • A free template is generic to be used by everyone
  • Templates will be posted on my site for everyone to use,
  • A request should be very clear, and may be delayed depending on my current workload. 

Keep an eye on my templates section.


Why I am giving away templates and tips?

  • A lot of people have been asking me how to do this or that in Excel so I decided to create a blog. 
  • I can’t remember everything I learn and so sometimes I re-watch my own videos! It’s helpful for my day job.
  • One of my personal goals is to become a Microsoft MVP in Excel .  Sharing my knowledge about spreadsheets (mostly done using Microsoft Excel) is a way to achieve this goal.So, if you really enjoy my tips and templates then you can nominate me ! (click here)


To learn more about me, visit my About page.

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