About Me

What can this blog do for you?

Hi, I’m Kevin Lehrbass. If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Excel then this blog is for you.  I blog about a ton of different things in Excel. I often explore a crazy idea and learn a lot along the way.

Why is Microsoft Excel important?

Here is one big reason: a properly designed spreadsheet can save thousands of hours of manual work.

I once created an audit tool in Excel enabling 11 people to save 45 minutes per day. They no longer had to print out 20 pages everyday and scribble notes in the margins. A relatively simple spreadsheet allowed them to structure each day and meet their monthly target.

About Me

I have been working with Microsoft Excel and databases since 2001.  I have helped a lot of people in Excel over the years who are stuck and frustrated.  Like anything else, it’s important to understand and practice the key concepts.

When I’m not hovered over Excel files I enjoy learning Spanish, playing chess, and spending time with my dogs.