BradEdgar_8 Search Techniques to Find Best Excel Content

We’ve all done it. We’ve wasted time looking for Excel content on the web due to inefficient searches.

Fortunately, Brad Edgar has created an informative post on this topic for us.

In Brad’s post, he shows us various techniques to improve the efficiency of our searches in Google, Twitter, BuzzSumo, Reddit and Excel forums.

In this example Brad shows us how to find websites that are similar to Chandoo’s Excel blog.


Thanks for this informative post Brad!


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  1. Brad Edgar

    Hey Kevin – thanks for sharing with your readers.
    It’s pretty incredible how many different search techniques we overlook on the web when we’re searching for Excel content or anything for that matter. Pulling out a few key pointers out of my article should help in narrowing down and focusing in on key Excel topics that you’re trying to learn by using these search techniques.
    Thanks again,


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