Free Excel Template: Birthday and Anniversary Tracker

This template allows you to keep track of events like birthdays and anniversaries. You can also create more events in the ‘Settings’ sheet.  In the ‘Input’ sheet you walk through the steps of selecting the event type, adding the individual’s name and date, etc.  

I have included some conditional formatting as a reminder for sending a card or buying a gift.


Download my Excel file

Download the file here or  here from my OneDrive (file 00113)


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I also created a video that shows you how to use the template.  


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8 Comments Free Excel Template: Birthday and Anniversary Tracker

  1. Laura Jackson

    Hi team
    Is there a way to create;
    1. Age Colour [which would highlight significant birthdays]
    2. Total Years Column [which would highlight significant work milestones]
    Any help would be super 🙂 🙂

  2. Laura Jackson

    Apologies, I was hasty in sending this.
    I would like to include an Age Column [not colour] and a Total Years Column in your Birthday Anniversary Tracker template.

    1. Kevin Lehrbass

      Hi Laura,
      I added a file called “00113b_Birthday and Anniversary Tracker_Jan 6 2015.xlsx” to my onedrive.” that has a column for ‘Age’.

  3. Deborah Flowers

    I would like the “description” column to be wider (I’d like to use that to enter the person’s address). Is there a way for me to widen that column?

    1. Kevin Lehrbass

      Hi Deborah,
      On the ribbon select ‘View’ and check ‘Headings’. Then you can select any of the columns and make it wider.
      Thanks for visiting my site Deborah.

  4. Pat

    Hi. This is great, very helpful. I will try to use this as well to follow-up employees’ “pregnancy leave” if possible. We’ll see if I can manage.
    Also, I couldn’t enter to your “one-drive” link to get the file, it shows an error (probably because this is until 2019 and I’m seeing this almost finishing 2021, so the link is probably outdated, broken or something); I was only able to download the excel file… which is good: I’ll see later how to add it to my one-drive (I actually wanted to show my list in my company’s sharepoint page, so we’ll see how that goes.
    I would’ve liked to see the additional “age” & “total years” columns mentioned in the previous comments, but not possible so far. And I will try to add the “address” as well, so I will be changing the width of the description too.


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