Formulas the easy way!

Can you remember being called to the front of the class to do a math problem?


Let’s be honest.

For many of us, the short walk from the desk to the front was sometimes filled with at least some anxiety.

I was never a math wizard but writting formulas in Excel is now a major part of my career.  How did that happen?


I can remember many nights when I stayed late in the office just to experiment with formulas and also with SQL.  It wasn’t too long until I was building some spreadsheet models and sharing my knowledge with others.


My Formula for Learning Excel Formulas

Curiosity + Necessity + “Hey Kevin, how do you…?” + live Excel support = Experienced Formula Guy


On this site, I’ll be sharing my Excel knowledge with you.  Every week, I will write a post or share a video about formulas.  The majority of the formulas that you will need to write require very basic math skills. Trust me, you can learn to write formulas!

Get started with formulas by watching this formula introduction video. 


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