12 Different Binning Solutions & Ideas

What does binning numbers into groups have in common with TV? Well…probably nothing but I had fun combining these ideas while creating this Excel file.


What’s in the Excel file?

A quick review of binning and then various binning challenges and solutions. I start with basic binning and then move on to more advanced binning ideas.


Download my Excel file

Download here or via my OneDrive (file 00138)


Why a TV?

Binning IdeasWhile I was reviewing the binning questions and solutions I was also wondering if I could create a TV just by using objects in Excel. As the number of sheets with the binning solutions increased I wondered if I could create a TV and some links that could be used to navigate between the sheets. Take it apart and see how it works!



Advanced Binning Questions

Here are some of the more advanced questions from my Excel file.

  • Identify each value (in the raw data) if it’s the lowest value within a bin
  • Identify each value (in the raw data) if it’s the closet value (over or under) within a bin
  • Identify the bin that has the most values


Why is there a Score?

In most of the Excel sheets you’ll see two questions: “Do you understand this?” and “Can you re-create this?” Answer using the drop down list in the cell to the right. At the end of the file you’ll find a sheet called ‘Your Score!’. A simple way to review your knowledge and keep score.


‘Delta’ Sheet

As I was creating the file I did a lot of testing by changing the data. Each sheet has the data in a table and I wanted to ensure that the numbers were the same in each table (sheet). I played around with the idea and came up with some array formulas and a final formula above in cell B5 (green background). If cell B5 is a zero then the data is the same in all sheets. Change a number and then come back to this sheet to see how it updates.

Binning Links Feedback_2



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