Array Formula Examples

Why do you use array formulas?

Why can’t we use a normal Excel function?

What does an array formula do?


People often ask me questions like these.  A quick answer is that array formulas can be used to answer very complex questions about data.

Sometimes, one array formula can replace thousands of intermediary formulas. Normal functions (i.e. vlookup, sumif, counta) have very specific and limited uses but array formulas are much more flexible and powerful (when used properly).

The best way to learn is to see a lot of examples and then practice.


Array formula Examples


Read Mike Girvin’s bookControl Shift Enterif you want a comprehensive knowledge of array formulas.  It is a great book! You will have to invest several hours to read it carefully.



If you would prefer free on-line resources then consider these webpages:



I’ve created several YouTube videos that use array formulas.  Here are a few (I’ll be adding more later)


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