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Despite years of experience I still do a lot of Excel google searches. I’m often in a rush and I know which websites to trust. Three of my favorite go to Excel websites are run by: Debra Dalgleish, Mynda Treacy and Leila Gharani. 



Why Are These Sites So Good?

You always get quality Excel knowledge from Debra, Mynda and Leila. They all have many years of experience working with data. They aren’t marketers that are trying to build a following while they secretly learn Excel. They are Excel experts first and then bloggers. Sure, they have products and training courses you can sign-up for (and they are VERY good) but they have a TON of free posts about Excel. I also visit their sites when I’m not in a rush and I’m simply exploring the web to see what’s new in Excel.


Excel MVPs




Debra, Mynda and Treacy have all been recognized by Microsoft as Excel experts. They not only have expert knowledge but they share it as well!


Debra Dalgleish: contextures.com




In my early data days I discovered Debra’s site. It was like finding a secret gold mine of Excel knowledge! If I could only share one of Debra’s links then it would be this one: Sample Excel Files. I’ve spend so many hours learning from the examples on this page not to mention countless others. I’ve also enjoyed Debra’s sense of humor over the years. Check out her Excel Theatre blog.


Mynda Treacy: myonlinetraininghub.com




Some people are Excel experts but can’t explain or teach. Mynda can do both. Here is an example. Have you heard of implicit intersection? HUH? Exactly. Mynda explains what it is in this well written post. So many errors happen because of implicit intersection so it’s a must read. I’ve also got to mention this post about Language IDs. Someone had a question about displaying dates in different languages. All I had to do was share that link.


Leila Gharani: xelplus.com




Along with her website Leila has a popular YouTube channel where she shares Excel concepts and challenges. Her website and YouTube videos are always designed and explained clearly. I have enjoyed sharing ideas back and forth between her channel and mine (Complex LookupExtract Unique Items ) . I’ve had several “WHAT?” moments when I’ve learned something totally new from her videos!


My Work Colleagues

I’m always careful about confidentiality related to my day job but today is International Women’s Day and I would like to acknowledge the fact that the majority of my work colleagues are women and they are incredibly talented. They Excel too!

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  1. Leila Gharani

    Thank you Kevin for including me in this wonderful post! I am really happy to be a part of the Excel online team to share ideas and also to learn from one another. I really appreciate your comprehensive videos and blog posts.


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