Video 00019 Pivot Table: How to Group Dates

Learn how to group a column of dates by Year & Month and sum another field.

Excel’s pivot table ‘Group’ feature only takes a few clicks of the mouse and can save so much time!


Quick Tip: (1) Click a cell (Row or Column field) in the pivot and then (2) right click and select ‘Group’


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The Crowd GASPS!

Bill Jelen (a.k.a. Mr Excel) has done tons of Excel seminars. He says that his favorite Excel tip is the double left click to drag down a formula all the way to the bottom because of the GASP from the crowd that this tip produces.

I have helped thousands of people in Microsoft Excel and from what I can remember, the pivot table ‘Group’ feature has produced the most GASPs!

It’s just one of those amazing features that is found via a simple right click and can save so much time!


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