Video 00069 Are my Excel formulas dragged down far enough?

A Classic Excel Problem

In large spreadsheets if you drag formulas down too far then you are increasing the calculation time and also the chances that Excel will freeze and/or crash.  

On the other hand, if you don’t drag the formulas down far enough then maybe your model doesn’t make sense.


Why not ask Excel to tell you the answer?

In some situations it’s possible to build a formula that would tell you in plain English

  • (a) “yes, the formulas are dragged down far enough“,
  • (b) “formulas are not dragged down far enough” or
  • (c) “the formulas are dragged down 300 rows too far“.


Download my Excel file

Download here or via my OneDrive (file 00069)


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What are the ingredients to my solution?

I used these functions: MAX, COUNTA, SUM and IF functions,


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