Trump Excel: Get the List of File Names from a Folder in Excel

When you want to get a list of Excel file names from a folder and display it in an Excel sheet most people would think about using VBA (Excel’s programming language). But what if you don’t know VBA?


Sumit Bansal from

Sumit Bansal

In Sumit’s post and video he teaches us how to extract a list of Excel file names in 5 steps without using VBA!

Sumit also explains how to change the file extension in the formula and display a list of Word documents.
I think I first heard of Sumit possibly in March of this year and I was impressed by his Excel knowledge. But his Game of Thrones dashboard is what really impressed me! I only recently started exploring his older posts and found this file list gem.



As I do live support, mostly for Microsoft Excel, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas. Sumit’s site is now on my list of Excel sites to browse for Excel knowledge. Since Sumit quit his day job and is blogging full time I’m sure he’ll have lots of Excel treasures for us.


Watch Sumit’s Video


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