review of 2020 posts

Let’s forget 2020 but I will review my posts. Thanks Excel for helping me through the year.

2020 Excel Posts






Such a difficult year but I did learn/practice a lot of things in Excel.


Excel File

Download it here (new version of file I used last year. It lists posts with links).


Excel Posts

VBA Posts


I was watching movie The Big Lebowski while flipping through a book by Bob Umlas.

I really dove into VBA that day! (post link)




Tom Urtis shared how to keep the all time min and max values (without keeping everything).

Also based on Worksheet_Change I created a demo showing a cool vba trick.

(post link)




I used VBA to add color to certain letter(s) inside a cell.

I did this years ago but lost the code and wanted to recreate this. I also included a formula workaround solution.

(post link)



Merged cells can be such a pain. Now you can take out your frustration by whacking them with your mouse. It was a great way to practice VBA.

(post link)




Awkward Data


Alan Murray created a video about analyzing an awkward data-set.

Alan and Oz used Power Query to solve this. I used a formula solution.






Should I rearrange the data and then add the formulas or add the formulas without rearranging the data?

(post link)





This time I used Power Query to rearrange the data into a layout that’s easier to analyze.

(post link)





Free Data


Data from about Wayne Gretzky’s goals, some trivia and finally an analysis about whether or not Alex Ovechkin can surpass Gretzky’s record!

(post link)





Excel Challenges


Thanks to Robert for the challenge idea and to Xlarium and Bill Szysz for their ideas.

(post link)






This one was from Bill Jelen (aka Mr Excel) !

It was a lot of fun participating in this. I created a formula solution.

(post link)





Excel & Power BI


Basic sequences in Excel and Power BI.

(post link)






It’s constantly in the news and important so why not write a post?

(post link)







In late April winter was making a last stand so I decided to calculate wind chill in Excel.

(post link)






My name is Kevin Lehrbass. I’m a Data Analyst. I’ve used various data software over the past 20 years but Excel has been my favorite.

Microsoft has been adding so many new features the last few years so there’s a lot to learn but that’s good because it’s fun!

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