Free Excel template: Class Student Grade Calculator v2.20

This Excel file is more of a custom solution than it is a template.

So, why share it?

Because, you can learn a lot about Excel by auditing formulas!

Take apart the template and see how it works (password is ‘test’).

Use Excel’s formula auditing feature (found under ‘FORMULAS’ on the ribbon) to audit the mega array formula that is beneath ‘Grade%’ in sheet ‘Class#1’.


Download my Excel file

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Here is the Formula for ‘Grade%’



IF(AND(COUNTIFS(Class2[@[Input1]:[Input20]],0,$E$11:$X$11,TRUE)>0,SUM(Class2[@[Input1]:[Input20]])=0   ),0,


IF( SUM(Class2[@[Input1]:[Input20]]*$E$11:$X$11) =0,””,






Why such a Complicated Formula?

Well…the requirements were:

1) Adjustable ‘Pass Score’

2) Ability to change the ‘Weight’ for all assignments (‘Grade%’ updates)

3) Ability to quickly exclude an assignment (or re-include it).

4) See stats per assignment (‘Average’ score and ‘Pass’…”7 out of 11″ Passed)

Can you think of a shorter formula that will still calculate as required?


What else does the ‘Class Student Grade Calculator’ do?

1) One click hides student names (check box beside ‘Student_Name’)

2) Ability to show failed assignments in red (or turn this feature off)

3) Show class average  (or turn this feature off)

4) Probably something else that I’ve now forgotten!


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