Video 00064 Solution_Customized and Sorted Data Validation List

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Imagine a data validation drop down list with many names that are not sorted. Trying to find a particular name in that list would get frustrating as the list grows.


Did you know that there are ways to sort text in Excel?


Method #1

Use Excel’s sort feature.  Great option but you would have to manually re-sort the list every time you add more names to your list. 


Method #2

Formulas can sort the data.  It’s a great option but it does take time to build the dynamic list using formulas. Watch my video below.


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Download my Excel file

Download here or via my OneDrive (file 00064)


Wait!  There’s more!

Imagine your list continues to grow and the constant scrolling down the list is driving you crazy even though your list is sorted.


Select the 1st letter of the last name to see a shorter list!

This is possible using formulas.


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Select first letter to create a mini list


Data validation connects to formulas


Yes, it definitely takes time to learn how to create more advanced solutions but it can save you hundreds of hours over the long term.


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