Becoming a Microsoft Excel master!

Do you want to become a Microsoft Excel master? The first step might be to convince yourself that it’s possible (it is!). Then, you need some good material and determination!


Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

Not convinced that you can become an Excel master? I used to think that I wasn’t a numbers person (fixed mindset)!  A combination of curiosity, interest, necessity and determination paved my path to becoming a data analyst. I’ve changed from more of a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset person! Studying formula collections is an excellent way to build your knowledge.



Book: “Babel No More”

Author Michael Erard explored language super learners. Those with a fixed mindset might say that it’s easy for them to learn so many languages due to their natural abilities. I disagree. Natural abilities may provide a slight advantage or head start but I think their success is mostly due to an incredible amount of curiosity, passion and determination. From the book’s last page:

One reason that Mezzofanti and people like him are so fascinating is that they seem to have leapfrogged the banality of method. They don’t learn languages; they pick them up. They don’t sit down and read lists of words: they absorb them. We hope that the methods are magic, and that if we adopt those methods too, we might achieve great things. The truth is, Mezzofanti and others haven’t escaped the banality of methods at all; they make the banality more productive. Their minds enjoy the banality. The nature of the methods themselves doesn’t seem to matter. Johan Vandewalle told me something that bears repeating: Whatever the method is…stick to the method. That’s the method.”

Above the quote was a picture of Mezzofanti’s massive flash card collection. Mezzofanti spent hours and hours studying and practicing languages! Anyone can learn!


Excel Formula Example Collections

Have I convinced you yet? Enjoy the banality of studying these free formula example collections!

Debra Dalgleish 1:

Debra Dalgleish 2:

Mynda Treacy:

Dave Bruns:


Now What?

What else can you do to learn Excel?

  • Subscribe to 5 Microsoft Excel YouTube channels
  • Buy a book
  • Take a course 
  • Think of something that interests you and build an Excel model 


Modern day super learners:

Excel: Massive forum of super learners

Excel: Mike Girvin (I’m a super fan)

Languages: Youlden twins

Languages: List of polyglots

Chess: Free & paid options for learning & playing chess

Spanish: Listen & learn on your laptop or smartphone


About Me

My name is Kevin Lehrbass. I live in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Learning Chess and Spanish have been fun hobbies for me. About 20 years ago I remember seeing a friend working on an Excel spreadsheet. It looked interesting. I thought to myself “What if I could learn more about Microsoft Excel than I know about Chess & Spanish?”

At the time it seemed like a distant possibility but I started learning and I’ve never looked back 🙂

There are so many amazing things that you can do with Microsoft Excel !

Check out my YouTube videos and my blog posts.

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